Newly Updated Online Store!

I am working on adding new physical items to the store based on some of my best designs I have made over the years as Cheeduld Studio.

I have started with some T-shirts and hope to add more products in the near future. The designs that I will use on the products are based on some of the characters I have created in personal projects such as comics.

A T-shirt with a character I designed for my comic "The Grid". It is also available as a downloadable purchase in the store. Buy it here.

I will also use some images from the photographs I take of little creatures that I come across at our homestead. I enjoy particularly love to take close-up photographs of insects, textures of natural objects, little creatures and landscapes.

A T-shirt with a Wasp design based on one of my photographs.

I am also putting up some of the items on my Facebook page to link back to the store on here.

When a user visits the shop tab on Cheeduld Studio's Facebook page, he/she can shop around on right within Facebook and when ready to purchase, he/she can click the "checkout on website" button that will take them to the website to complete the purchase by selecting a payment option of their choice.

I am excited about this new update on the shop! It will give my designs a new place and hopefully a new home so that you too can enjoy some of my creative artwork for a long time to come!

Please visit my shop to look around and if you have any questions, feel free to contact me using the three-dotted contact widget you see (if viewing this on a mobile device) or by using the contact form or email address on the website.

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