Character Style Test: The Grid Comic 3

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

It is once again time to start creating artwork for another issue of the Grid Comic.

And what an exciting time it is! The story is getting better as the personality issues that Raefus has battled with are being revealed in each successive issue.

If you recall in issue number 1 (read it here), Raefus had finally decided to rise above his fears (portrayed in a metaphorical way) when, whilst mid-flight testing the Gravo Suit, he came face-to-face with his subconscious materialised as a sort of larger greyed version of him.

Now past through issue 2 which dealt with his return from that encounter and facing his wife to whom he hid what he had seen (unbeknownst to him she knew about it), we are eager to see how issue three's story will pan out.

We're doing some character style tests that we want to use for issue 3 and thought of sharing some behind-the-scenes pictures.

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