Character Style Test: More Pics

I am carrying on with testing which style to use for the characters to use in the Grid Issue 3 comic.

Here are some more pics of the tests done thus far:

The Clean Style

Character Style: Clean Style

This is the default style used in Issue 1 and 2.

The Posterized Dithering Style

Character Style: Posterized Dithering

This I like because it gives a certain feel - like those old engraving kind of drawings. It certainly will do to give the comic a different style from the previous two Grid Comic issues.

Clean Style + Freestyle Stroke Render

Character Style: Default Style + Freestyle Stroke

The change of stroke color adds a certain dimension which would be great for a thematic layout of the comic if the comic color theme would match the stroke color.

It will be great to experiment with that approach. But the color and shading theme of the comic layout should be conservative - otherwise it would ruin the artistic beauty of the comic.

Freestyle Stroke Render + Posterize Dithering

Freestyle Stroke Render + Posterize Dithering

It looks like I am leaning towards the posterized dithering. I feel that it gives the artwork some depth and feeling that is absent from the default clean style.

I would have to see how this style works with props and sets for the characters as they interact with their environment and world.

However it looks like there needs to be a balance between the clean and posterized dithering style because:

- The clean style is clear and gives a neat detailed outline of the character

- The posterized dithering gives depth but looses the subject's outline.

Overall - a marriage of the two or perhaps a separate compositing, layer per layer of the two in working out the scene could be the ideal solution.

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