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"Had Morongwa loved herself and understood her value, she would have never ended up with the shallow men she had in her life. She would have the courage to mention the ills she had to endure to the perpetrator. She would have the strength to make the right decision, even when that decision would be met with a frown by society."

So ends the first part of the first story of the ebook Tears Of Shallow Men.

Morongwa Morhava tells stories of six women and the men in their lives in this short and easy to read ebook.

She does a brilliant job of capturing the experiences that they face because of their falling in love with the wrong men whom she calls shallow men, which will make your heart go out for these women.

Those farmiliar with South African kasi life will particularly find this ebook an interesting read as she narrates the sad stories of these women, peeling back a curtain into their lives and experiences of loving men who turn out to be burdens in their lives, emotionally, financially and physically.

Featured with a glossary of unfamiliar terms, this ebook will equally resonate with all readers as it speaks a universal need for wives: the right to be loved by their husbands.

I am happy to have worked with her on this ebook and given the opportunity to design, create and publish it.

I am happy to also mention that you can now purchase and download Tears Of Shallow Men right here from my online store.

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