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I love learning new things. And in my work as a graphic designer, there's seldom a project that I work on that doesn't require that I do some research in order to better understand my client's visual communication needs.

Such was the case with this logo project.

After receiving the design brief, I did some research based on what my client wanted to be conveyed on the logo, grabbed my pencil and paper and began sketching some concepts.

Briefly, here is what I had to do in order to meet my client's wishes:


I had to create a totally new font that spoke to the clients personal desire.

Cherry Blossom

I designed this based on a research I did on these beautiful blooms. It has a personal meaning to my client.

Color Scheme

I was given freedom on this one and after coming up with a number of concepts, my client had to make the final call on the scheme they felt would deliver their message accross but at the same time reflect their branding and personal preference.


I was also given design freedom on this aspect too. I decided to base the layout on the text being the central element from which the other elements stemmed from or connected to.

Also to have a clean, neat but bold logo, and yet compact design which would look good on different branding media. Of course, the client's final approval was needed.

Get a logo that conveys what you want it to communicate. Contact me today for a free consultation or quote and I will gladly assist you.

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