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Rhythm & Loops Vol 1 Cover Album

On my journey as a graphic designer, I often find myself venturing into new creative territories.

When I begun creating animated videos, I sometimes needed to have audio tracks that would fit my project. Finding the perfect music track to complement my videos wasn't always easy. So I decided to create my own music.

I found making digital music very enjoyable and started creating music as a way of expressing my emotions, feelings and thoughts. Eventually I created a number of tracks and compiled them some into an album I called Rhythm and Loops - The Soundtrack Project.

Fly Away [Bye Earth] is one of my favorites on this album. I created this one when I was at a low point at some moment in my life. I just felt like flying away. Each time I play it, it soothes me and I always imagine myself taking off from the earth and flying into deep space...

First Expression was my very first digital music creation. From it I learned how to structure the music which I basically followed for creating the rest of my other tracks.

Amazing Wonder is such a beautiful track that just puts a smile on me. Whenever I listen to it I can't help but want to dance to it. Makes for an infectious listening.

Good ol Days has a nostalgic effect on me for some reasons I don't know. I just love that effect it induces on me. It can easily become my favorite on his album.

I appreciate Cool Bounce and Rock Strike Force for those moments when I want some cool and power in me!

I hope you will enjoy the album. You can listen to it right from here or download it for free. So put on your headsets and let the music listen to you.

I have also added my Comic book The Grid - Above The Grid book as a free give-away for downloading my music.

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