Two New Features You Will Enjoy Using On My Website

It's been a while since I upgraded my website and this year, 2018, I just felt like working on a brand new website.

I did a complete redesign of my website, added some new pages to my website like the client, testimonial, web comics and photography page.

I also added some cool new features like the columns on the home page where I can easily add content and especially for me as a graphic designer the images really look professional on the home page.

I have used it to promote some of my products that am selling in my store and to highlight an eBook that am working on publishing for someone (a bit of that in a later post).

So here are just two of my favourite features of my new website:

My eStore

I have always had a store on my site but this time, I think the design has improved a lot. Its easier to shop and purchase with an option to buy using PayPal and offline payment method.


For my international shoppers and those who feel secure using PayPal, this option is for you.

PayPal has been around for many years and ensures that you can easily make online payments without directly entering your card details on an eCommerce website.

To use a PayPal account, all you need is to sign up on PayPal and link your debit or credit card to PayPal, verify the link and that's it, you are ready to shop securely knowing that your card details are safe.

When you decide to buy an item from my eStore using PayPal, at checkout you will ne presented with an option to log into your PayPal account.

Once you log in, the payment processing will all be done in PayPal and when completed, you will be safely taken back to my site whereby you will receive confirmation of payment and receive a link via email to download your product. It's as easy as that.

Offline Payment Method

This method works for those who prefer to make a direct deposit into an account.

At checkout, the user will be presented with details of my account and some instructions and they can securely make a payment and once that is done, a link to download the product will be emailed o them.

The offline method is particularly targeted for my local market, Zambia, as the banking details are local and it would be easier for my Zambian customers to buy from my eStore.

As with PayPal, the process is easy and secure.

Future Payment Options

Of course, many people like to purchase from the Internet using their credit or debit cards. So I am now working on adding a direct credit and debit card payment method. I also hope in future to add more options like eWallet.

Making a purchase on my website is very secure because I use the latest encryption system for my eCommerce website so when you are shopping you can rest assured that your payment processing is secure.

Web Comic

I really love my new Web comic feature! I added my comics in such a way that it is easier to navigate through the Web comic.

The panels are arranged in an image gallery style and titled according to the page and panel sequence.

A reader can either read the full issue of a comic by scrolling down using a browser or by clicking on the panel(s) to display them individually and view the panels sequentially as you would viewing an online image gallery! Isn't that cool!?

Plus, using this method you can enter full screen mode and also easily share any panel you like using social media icons conveniently located on top of the image/panel!

And don't forget to show some love by clicking the heart icon if you like a panel you are reading!

If you have any questions about the features I have mentioned or experienced some problems whilst using my website, or would like to offer suggestions, please do contact me and I will be glad to help and or listen.

If you are considering having an eCommerce website or online store, let me know, I can help you.

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