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The internet has got a lot of articles that talk about how to start an online business selling either digital and/or physical goods. Sometimes you come across articles that truthfully explain, to the best of the author's knowledge and understanding, how the online market works.

However, you also get authors who care less, either intentionally or unintentionally, about how they tell their stories of selling online. Some make it sound like it's a fairy tale or something that gives people instant success, raking in millions of dollars in sales, often siting examples of others who did it and how you too can do it if you just start selling something.

Unfortunately, I things seldom work that way in the internet world of selling things. I would also like to add that to some extent, the same is true in the physical world.

I do not want to sound as if it is impossible for one to be successful running an online business. Because truth be told, there are many people who make a living using the internet as the main marketing tool, or market place where they sell their goods.

From huge corporations to individuals and everyone in-between - they have LEARNED how to work the online market place. The important thing is that one knows the truth about how eCommerce works - how you can sell whatever can be sold to your local online audience, market and indeed, to the rest of the world and what tools you need in order to do so.

If you are totally new to the digital market, or are considering joining other successful individuals whom you have read about (assuming they were not fictitious) or personally know of, then you need to arm your self with knowledge.

It would be easy for me to say that I can teach you how to be successful and tell you stories of how I did it, made millions selling stuff online and how I traveled the world - but I that would be lying.

What I can tell you is that I have been running my online graphic design studio business since 2011 and during that time, I have had an opportunity to learn about what running an online business selling services or products is all about - at least based on what I have read, researched and tried. I have sold some comics and other publications from websites like and can certainly say that it works. I have also "sold" my skills, offering design services to clients within my geographical location and also to others living in far away countries - all done via the internet.

In all this time, I only had myself to teach me, not having a team, like big corporations do; from building my own websites ( and for others as a business service) to maintaining websites, advertising and marketing of my products, skills and services.

What I am trying to say is that, if you really want to make money online, the best way to go about is to teach yourself. DO a LOT of research and this never stops. Get insight into the digital world and use what you learn. This takes time. If you really want to see your business idea take root and grow in the digital world, you have to work at it.

Fine if others have had overnight success. And even finer if you have had that kind of success. But from what I have seen, it rarely happens. You have to keep at it. It works if you DO the WORK and learn from others who sound legit.

There are many resources available and all you have to do is go and search for it. The right kind of information will come to you if you are diligent and earnest in the research work.

If you would like advise on how to go about it, whether starting out or promoting your already existing online business, feel free to contact me and I will gladly share with you what I know and how I have been doing it.

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