How To Make Comics - No Drawing Skills Needed - Part 1

Learn how to make high quality digital comics. You can share your creations as web-comics or sell them on your website or public digital market places or even have them published as hard copies.

A page clipping from Issue # 2 of The Grid comic - am currently working on it.

If you have ever tried to draw comics and didn't have the necessary skills to do so, you probably know how frustrating it can be having a desire and a passion to do something but at the same time lacking the ability to do so.

I was in that same mental dilemma not so long ago but I no longer have that obstacle to creating comics because I found a way to make comics using a production procedure which makes the whole process from character designing to final comic publishing an easy and enjoyable experience.

And what is more, the process has given me so much creative freedom because more time and energy has been taken out of learning how to draw and now I just focus on creating sets, environments and scenes for the comic stories that I work on.

If you are interested in how I do it, I am happy to tell you that I would like to share that knowledge with you so that you too can master the art of creating comics and focus on telling your story and not on drawing.

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