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A brief history...(like really terribly, short):

2006: I started toying with an idea (or was it a dream...hhmm?) of freelancing as a graphic designer to quit my job as an accounting technician in Johannesburg, South Africa. Came up with the name of my design business name, Cheeduld and had it registered. 


2007: I was already learning design principles, computer graphics designing software and blazing with passion! I also had my first design order to create a logo for a work colleague.


2011: I quit my job and here I am - some 14 years later (from that freelancing idea. Or was it a dream...am I still dreaming!?); still passionate about graphic design and enjoying and loving every minute!


2016: I came back to my hometown of Chipata, Zambia - enjoying a quiet and eventful homestead life, staying with my wife and my mother.


Check out my photography page for a taste of my farm world.

So in short;

I am a very passionate and talented professional digital artist. I deliver innovative and dynamic animations and designs to help bring my clients’ visual communication ideas to life.

I am proud of my excellent track record, having created some engaging creative solutions and designs through a combination of traditional techniques and modern technologies and media.

Please browse through my website to view some of my work check out how my creativity can help solve your visual communication challenge or need.


And please don't hesitate to contact me should you have that inkling question at the back of your mind regarding my work and I will very glad to assist you.


I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully, for us to work together on a project!

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