101 Insect Homes & Hiding Places

Photographs of insect homes, hiding places, cocoon & traps, etc.

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Where do they live and hide to protect themselves from predators and the elements?

This is my attempt to create a photographic journal of 101 places where insects hide, live, hibernate, metamorphosize, produce their next generation or whatever else insects they do.


I found this attached in a storage drawer.


We live on a farm so we share the house with bugs of all sorts.



Feral bees in a vent wall recess.

It was previously occupied by another colony.

These didn't last here.



These "death cones" (I like calling them sand dimples) are commonplace where I live.

The maker of this one use tiny particles of gravel & bits of dried cement mortar.



These are made by a type of bagworm moth caterpillar.

I found this one in a mango tree way up the tree attached to a twig



Stumbled upon this nest of wasps hidden in an old carpet.

Wasps are very aggressive defenders when agitated.

Their sting packs a mean "ouch"!


Impressive too is their light weight papery like nest material.



We have lots of termites on our property.

This mound is located in a nearby bush.

There are other mounds within the area but of slightly different designs.

Check out more pictures.



This, I suppose, is not exactly an insect home because I am not sure if these ants I found in this fig fruit were living here or just came for a snack.

When I picked up the fruit I didn't expect to find ants inside it, which made it look even more like they were staying there - at least temporary.



These holes could be entrances to a nest/chambers.

Their nest entrance didn't show any evidence of inhabitance except for some remains of insects strewn outside which were likely captured by the ants.

A little research came up with the name Platythrea conradti as the type of ants these are. Look it up. We could be wrong. -:)


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